I Want To Be Wonder Woman!

JL_Wonder_WomanWonder Woman. Strong, beats the crap out of bad guys, gorgeous, flawless, and when she says something dumb men think its cute. I bet she feeds her kids 3 organic meals a day full of vegetables and they EAT IT ALL! Yes, she is awesome and I want to BE her!

Seriously, though, the movie was amazing. Get a sitter TONIGHT and go see it!!

So I think i figured out my problem. I really truly wanted to be Wonder Woman! Like, the mom-version! I have been so stressed out for years because I had too many goals and I wasn’t going to be happy until I met all of them!! For example, I wanted:

  1. A rockin’ bod.
  2. To eat healthy to have more energy.
  3. To organize my house so it’s ALWAYS clean.
  4. To finally get ahold of our laundry situation.
  5. To spend lots of time daily doing educational activities with my kids.
  6. To bring in a second income for my family.
  7. To write more.
  8. To do more photography.
  9. To do more videography.

I could probably go on and HOLY COW just looking at my own list… NO WONDER I’ve been so stressed!!! For the past 3 years I’ve spent 90% of each day just keeping my children alive!!! How the heck have I expected to perfect all 9 of those things??!!! Dear LORD help me. I may be Greek and as close to a Greek-Goddess as I look,  I’ll be honest with you that I was NOT sent from Zeus up above and given special powers!  

Goals are good. They are motivating and working on ways to improve your life is a GOOD thing. We just have to be careful that, especially as parents, we’re not ADDING stress to our lives with the goals we set! That doesn’t work.

So what I’ve learned is that if there are areas in your life that you want to improve, you need to choose simple goals that will be the most effective. Most likely, there are areas in your life that if you improve them, it will make every other area of your life easier.

I got this concept from the book The One Thing. I HIGHLY recommend reading this, if you have time to read. If not, try downloading the audiobook!! (links down below) The main point is to help you identify ONE thing you can do that will make everything else easier. It’s a business book but when I listened to the audiobook, I was not working and I’m telling you, it applies to EVERYONE. Let me give you an example from my life!

I know a lot of parents will relate to this – TOYS TOYS TOYS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. What a pain. Our kids have so many toys and it seems their favorite thing to do is throw them all over the house and then start whining that they’re bored!! So finally I had enough! I took their toys and put them all away in a bin! I left just a few out so no matter what, the mess could be picked up in under a minute! That was a couple weeks ago and I can’t even tell you the amount of stress that has since dissipated since my living room is almost always clean now!! An unintended consequence of this is that all of the sudden I have found space to do my workouts! And because I’m not drowning in messiness, I feel like my mind is clear enough that I can take some time out of the day and actually do it!! It’s crazy. This one small act of simplifying has truly made such a difference and even made one of my other goals easier!! It’s a domino effect. Working out gives me confidence, and more energy, which helps me tackle my other goals as well.

I am telling you this is huge. Take a few minutes to think about what that one thing is for you! Set one small goal for yourself but make sure it’s one that will free you up and make setting more goals easier! I would love it if you left a comment (click “Leave a Comment” up above) and tell me what your One Thing is!

And if you’re interested in reading this book, check it out here:


Not Another Perfect Mom Blog

Ever try to explain what being a mom is like to someone who just doesn’t get it? Try this: Tell them being a mom is like having a creature about a quarter of the size of a regular human stepping in front of your feet every time you try to move – All. Day. Long. Because THAT’S LITERALLY HOW IT IS. It’s maddening! It’s also the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world. It doesn’t make any sense. But there you have it. That’s momlife.


Let me just make this one thing VERY clear. This is NOT another blog about a perfect mom who is going to teach you how to do your makeup while meal prepping three groumet meals a day for the week plus organic snacks while getting your 90 pushups, situps and squats in as you teach your perfect 3 year old how to do long division and fold laundry, all WITHOUT any screentime!! No. That’s just a bunch of crap. I mean, for realsies though if you can do that I love you and I wanna be you and I hate you.


No I am not perfect. Not in any way, shape or form. But I am learning little hacks here funny pic of elena and raceand there that are really making a difference in my day and I know I’m not the only one who’s TOTALLY stressing out with life stuff! Having young kids just makes EVERY. SINGLE. THING. harder. So much harder. So stick with me for tips on how to deal with your extreme picky eater, how to handle the insane amount of laundry, how to not murder your spouse when they walk in the door, and just how to enjoy life instead of live every second of it in stress! 


Currently, one of my major struggles is my messy home. It’s ridiculous. I can maybe get one room under control, but then the rest of the house just starts to vomit random products and crap I didn’t even know we had all over the floors and furniture and I just want to curl up in a closet and cry but who has time for that, my kids are STARVING and poopy and bored!!


So I am challenging myself to minimize! At least a little. I’m not at this point trying to become an all-out minimalist but I just love the concept. Less stuff, less maintenance, less stress, more time. So I will keep you updated on my progress! I will say this, though, I started awhile back in my kitchen and just the little bit of purging I did has already made a MASSIVE difference in my stress level whenever I’m in there.


What are areas of motherhood that are the most challenging to you? Please let me know in the comments below! I would looove to hear from you, learn from you and laugh with you about this crazy stage of life!!