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Fail. Fail fail fail. The PLAN was to write at least one blog post a week. I literally can’t remember when I wrote my last one but I know it’s been months! (Don’t feel like looking it up ha!)

The last post I wrote was BEFORE our big Disney trip and BEFORE our big move to our tiny house!

So stay tuned because the new PLAN is to write a post about whether or not you should

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Elena awkwardly smiling with Princess Anna… instead of napping.

take babies/toddlers on a Disney vacation, and to write a post about how to move when you have little kids – NOT EASY. 

Today, however, I want to catch you up to what’s been taking my attention away from this blog. And I mean besides the usual chaos that is my life of momming two tyrannic toddlers.


I am absolutely sure every mom without a full-time nanny can relate to this: I have been crawling out of my own skin due to the groundhog day that my life has become!

Feed the kids, clean the kitchen, pick up toys, do the laundry, vacuum dog hair, wipe some butts, feed the kids, clean the kitchen, etc. etc. etc. It just goes on forever.

By the time the kids go to bed, I am done. So done. I have NOTHING left and my brain is turning to mush.


A few months ago, I discovered something I didn’t know about. I’ve never even considered running my own business, really, because I never knew anything about business.

I truly thought that I was the 9-5 job type of person (even though I hate that with a passion) and that other people are business people, but not me. Where would I even start? I have no product, no money to invest in employees or marketing or anything!

I mean I did try a couple Direct Marketing companies, Jamberry and Norwex, but I didn’t take them seriously enough as a BUSINESS to be successful.

So when I found out that you can start an online store absolutely free (with a free trial period), add products to it absolutely free and use the DROP SHIP business model for FREE, I was incredibly intrigued!


For anyone that doesn’t know, “Drop Shipping” is a business model where you, the seller, markets a product that you can find at a low price, sell it to others at a higher price. When they order from you, you go and order the product at the lower price using THE CUSTOMER’S address, and it is sent directly to them. You keep the difference in price as profit.


An actual picture of me working from home. I swear that’s totally me. I totes wear jewelry to work from home. And I brush my hair. I swear. 

SERIOUSLY? You never have to buy inventory, deal with shipping, any of that stuff!

(If anyone wants more info on Drop Shopping, please drop a comment or send me a message! I would be more than happy to create a detailed post!)

After watching some YouTube videos and listening to podcasts, I decided to just DO it! Sometimes you just have to take ACTION and learn as you go.

I am so glad I did that. I actually created my first store intending to sell these cute Luggage Covers. But as I was building the store and watching more videos on YouTube, I got inspired to change niches.

I ended up building a store for Dog Lover’s. I had the store for a couple months, made a few sales and then SOLD the store for a teeny tiny profit!! I’ll have to calculate it but I think overall I profited like $100.

Which $100 is nothing except that its HUGE because I went into this for FUN, knowing hardly anything and didn’t LOSE money on my first online business!! WIN WIN WIN!!

(Seriously I can go into detail in another post if anyone’s interested.)

I am working on my next store now but the POINT of all of this is to say that my brain doesn’t feel so mushy anymore! I found something that is addicting and fun and gives me the exact amount of challenge that I need.

It is a creative outlet for me that I desperately need. And hey if I make money at it, BONUS!!


Moms, especially stay-at-home moms, life can become so mundane. Routine. And we can so easily feel like a maid, a slave even. And then we can become a little bitter.

I get it. I’ve been there. Sometimes I still go there.

But for the sake of our sanity and our families, we have to get creative and think about pexels-photo-355952what we CAN do to use our brains a bit to feel like we’re still human beings.

What I’m doing won’t be right for everyone, as everyone has different abilities, talents and interests. (But it is super fun and totally worth trying!)

There are so many resources to get inspired though as to something you CAN do from home, even with tiny humans running around and running your life.


One podcast that I LOVE is https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/podcasts/ by Pat Flynn. So much fun to listen to and so inspiring!

Pat Flynn interviews people and gets them to tell DETAILED info on how they started their businesses. Not only is this podcast entertaining to keep your interest, but it is JAM PACKED full of great information!


So pick one, turn it on, and get to folding laundry or doing the dishes. Hand your kids a kindle or iPad if you need to for a bit to keep them quiet. Put on a movie for them.

Some screen time is WORTH IT for you to reduce stress and keep your sanity. Your well-being is MORE IMPORTANT than stressing out over your kids getting some screen time. I am very serious about this. Keep things in perspective.


My goofballs gettin’ some screentime to save momma’s sanity!


Trust me, I get it. I don’t have time for it either… but somehow I’m doing it. Somehow I wrote this blog.

Getting inspired and excited about something actually gives me ENERGY. Not only the energy to work on my online store projects, but it even spills into the rest of my life.

I now have more motivation and energy to get the cleaning done quicker, and to prioritize my tasks a little better.

But for now, don’t even worry about the time doing something like this would take. Until you are inspired with your own ideas, that is completely irrelevant!

For now, just get inspired. Listen to some podcasts while you’re driving or doing house chores. Read some blog posts on starting your own business or whatever interests you.

And know this – you can turn almost ANY passion into a business. You don’t have to sell a physical product. Please please message me if you need help figuring out what you could do. I would seriously love nothing more than to give you some ideas and help you figure out your gifts!!

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