Just another mom trying to figure out how to make her chaotic life a little less chaotic!! With two toddlers, a German Shepherd, and magician/comedian-turned-realestateagent-turned-Director of Lead Generation Husband, life seems to get crazier by the month! I married my funny guy in 2012 and since then we have moved 4 times (5 after this month), got a dog, popped out two babies, and changed jobs a few times in there as well. Through all of this I have learned a LOT. A lot about stress, marriage, dealing with an extreme picky eater, dealing with an extreme strong willed child, dealing with dog hair on EV-ER-Y-THING!!! And I have found that the two best remedies for motherhood stress are these: relating with mommas in the same boat, and finding the humor in it all!!