FREE "Dine & Connect" Printable

FREE "Dine & Connect" Printable

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Desire to connect with your kids and family? Sometimes our day to day just feels so monotonous that it is hard to get a conversation going over dinner. 

Well here is something new, refreshing and fun for your family to do over your mealtime! Perfect for all ages to participate!

Download and Print this page. There are 12 fun questions, each numbered. 

You may each take turns choosing a question to answer, OR you can make it a game!

To make it a game:

Grab a couple of dice and roll! Answer the question that corresponds with the number. If you get the same question twice, answer number 1! 

Each question is written so that you can change up your answers in order to play this game every day at dinner time! You won't get bored with it!

Have fun and thanks so much for checking out our site!